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About Michigan Sound Services

Michigan Sound Services is run by Ian Walker, a recording engineer with a broad base of experience in recording music independently, as well as for the Michigan State University College of Music.

We provide a variety of sound-related services. Our studio is located in downtown Lansing, and is equipped with a ProTools LE system, including up to 16-track simultaneous recording. Our live room allows us to capture great sounds with acoustic instruments, particularly drums.

While we primarily record more rock oriented music, we also have experience recording choirs, bands, and orchestras.

We can provide remote recording services, for everything from full large ensembles, to solo artists.

We also provide mixing services for music and video productions.

Artists we have worked with:
The Darts
Dead Scene Radio
Don't Ever Tell
No Control
Hillside Barrier
Young Bison

Sample recordings

  • Guantanamerika - the Attraction Records All Stars
  • Lee Winters' Last Christmas - Young Bison
  • Don't You Know - Dead Scene Radio
  • Blood on the Sun - the Darts
  • Dead City - No Control
  • Reclaim the Right - Hillside Barrier